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By using DigitalBooker's scheduling software your business stays open for business 24/7. Over two thirds of all age groups are already booking and buying online. Now's your time to automate scheduling by letting your customers book their times online by themselves.

Manage your bookings from one place

With DigitalBooker you get a clear picture of you reservations from the second you log in. You can browse your resources and employees by location or by day, week and month. You'll manage their work hours and schedules and you'll get a quick overview of your customer's previous bookings the minute they walk in the door. All the data is at your fingertips in an easily presented form.

Stay true to your brand

DigitalBooker has been developed together with hundreds of companies and entrepreneurs to ensure it fits your business. It's used today in everything from beautyparlors, hairdressers and yoga studios all the way to tattoo studios, dog grooming and meeting room reservations. DigitalBooker always stays true to your look and feel and your brand and it works the way you want it to work.

Your online marketing

What if you could automatically send an SMS reminder to all that haven't booked their next time, 30 days after they visited you last time? What if you'd be able to send an email to any special group or people, e.g. all the women over 30 that have over 10 bookings? With DigitalBooker it's easy and convenient, direcly from the customer register. Why not already today?


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Tarja Lemström


DigitalBooker makes my work so much easier. It replaces all my previous Excel sheets and all the important data stays safe in one place which makes reporting and analyzing so much easier. Read the full story

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